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Wood & Fabrics

13 December 2021
Wood & Fabrics

Paoletti’s 150-years old wood meets Ciatti and Baroncelli’s traditional fabrics

For us all here at Paoletti Guitars finding new collaborations is not only a way to expand our creative horizon and get new ideas, but also an opportunity to express our philosophy: our main mission is to enhance and promote all the products and excellences coming from the region we live and work, Tuscany in Italy.
We could describe this as a “glocal” philosophy, as we firmly believe that we all need to think global, but also act local!

We work in a town called Quarrata, and Prato, our nearest city, is famous for its fabrics: in Italy this place is known as the “città del tessile” (city of textile) as Prato began to specialize in textiles in the 12th century. Actually its textiles and fashion centres are some of the most important in Europe, not to mention the most advanced example — or prototype — of that particular form of organization of production that is the industrial district. with dozens of small business firms.
Ciatti and Baroncelli are definitely one of them, with decades of history and experience, so it was a natural process to join forces with them and use some of their high quality fabrics to embellish our custom made guitars.
Just in one sentence: our 150-years old wood meets Ciatti and Baroncelli traditional fabrics.
The idea was simply to use their fabric and put it on top of our instruments, covering them just as a dress.
As you can see from the pictures below we decided to use one simple patterned cloth, (grey, red, black and white), with a distintive tartan and scottish style.
Again, we know where we are coming from but we like to broaden our horizons and embrace the whole world, simbolically.
We are very happy with the final result and we do hope that you will be positively impressed as well.