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Our Story

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Welcome to Paoletti Guitars®, where craftsmanship meets creativity, and where every chord resonates with passion and precision.

Amidst the enchanting beauty of the Tuscan hills, tradition meets innovation as centuries-old techniques are combined with modern precision to create instruments embodying the timeless beauty and elegance of Italy's artisanal legacy. Here, where Fabrizio Paoletti's family used to produce Chianti red wine, old barrels of reclaimed chestnut wood revealed their potential for carving instruments of exquisite sound and persistent taste – or sustain.

Fabrizio's discovery and vision had chestnut wood become Paoletti Guitars®' trademark, as for over 15 years now we have kept using old wine barrels' chestnut wood, giving a whole new life to it.

Each guitar we create is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans who infuse every detail with care and expertise. Using only the finest materials, building and assembling each part of your guitar in-house, we ensure that every instrument is an environmentally conscious masterpiece of quality.

Our workshop offers an unparalleled personalized experience as you step into a creative process leading up to your real-life dream guitar. From selecting the perfect wood essence for your fretboard to choosing custom hardware, finishes, or intricate inlays, every aspect of your guitar can be tailored to your unique preferences and style, ensuring it stands out with you on stage for years to come.

Paoletti Guitars | Story
Paoletti Guitars | Story
Paoletti Guitars | Story
Paoletti Guitars | Story
Here lies the history of every guitar we craft – a tale woven from vineyards, the artistry of winemakers, and the timeless beauty of wood. It's a privilege to etch enduring memories into instruments, ready to accompany your journey with years of quality play.
Their destiny rests in your hands.
FABRIZIO PAOLETTIOwner of Paoletti Guitars SRL
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