THE NEW 313 BRIDGE. - Paoletti Guitars


2 January 2023

The time has come to introduce our version of this vibrato bridge! After a long developing process we finally release it and it is available to be on board of our guitars as an option, and it does not de-tune your playing!

While making our version of this component, we improved some details, that makes the difference to make the best out of it! The two rods where the strings rolls are made of brass, and turn on a roller bearings system. With a result of a smoother bending and zero friction with a tuning stability never experienced before on this style of bridges. 

– Solid Structure of Iron-Alluminium alloy
– Brass Rods
– 4x Japanese Roller Bearings System
– Improved Tuning stability and accuracy of bending

The new Paoletti 313 Bridge, can be choosen as an option for our Nancy and 112 Models, as well as our Jr Style Guitars. And it’s ready to rock!