Thank you for being with us

Thank you for being with us

28 May 2024
Thank you for being with us

Our long-awaited Marco Polo event has finally come and we are glad to have had the honor and share this unique experience with you.

It all was possible only thanks to you, your love for Italian artistry and history, and your endless passion for guitars.

The 10 only numbered pieces exclusive guitar Limited Edition was revealed on May 24th, before our distinguished guests and the guitars owners themselves, who would meet their anticipated unique masterpieces for the first time.

Nearly 30.000 pieces of Venetian Mother of Pearl and two years after the first spark that ignited Fabrizio Paoletti‘s creativity and imagination, Paoletti Guitars’ full team was present to participate and celebrate Marco Polo’s evocative legacy.

The Marco Polo guitar features polished materials, such as Italian ancient chestnut wood for the body – as per Paoletti trademark – Canadian roasted maple for the neck and African ebony for the bridge and tuner tips. Its hardware and strings are 24k certified gold plated and the body and neck are covered in precious Mother of Pearl inlays, gathered to display the view of Venice, from the original miniature contained in the Medieval code “Il Milione” by Marco Polo.

Only the last numbers are still available.

Be among the few, and own a piece of Italian artistry and history.