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Paoletti in the world – MBRASCATU

22 July 2021
Paoletti in the world – MBRASCATU

Mbrascatu a cross-pollination of numerous influences, including spaghetti Westerns, immigrant dance music of Eastern Europe, psych rock, folk, to create a unique blend of sounds. Along with bands like Calexico , Devotchka and Gogol Bordello, they infused modern indie music with a global flavor. Mbrascatu was formed in 2010 in Portland, OR by singer-songwriter and guitar player Andrea Algieri. They recorded their debut album, Mbrascatu (self titled) in 2012, followed by Tempo 2014, Elementi 2016 and Tutto Cambia 2021.

Andrea Algieri – Paoletti Loft 112

Andrea is a proud owner of a Paoletti Loft 112 in black. The Guitar features the iconic reclaimed chestnut wood body, and a canadian roasted maple neck. Paoletti Pickups and brass Hardware.