Paoletti – Cruz – a four-handed MasterPiece Limited Edition

Paoletti – Cruz – a four-handed MasterPiece Limited Edition

22 April 2024
Paoletti – Cruz – a four-handed MasterPiece Limited Edition

A 10-year bond to celebrate, with the very first release of an extraordinary partnership between top Master Builders in the guitar world: Paoletti – Cruz exclusive 20 numbered Pieces Limited Edition.

It was a decade ago when John and Fabrizio first met at the Custom Shop Lounge in Bologna, Italy.

John, hailed already as a Master Builder of global renown, discerned in Fabrizio’s passionate dream and in the nascent Paoletti Guitars’ custom shop creations the spark of brilliance that would soon captivate aficionados worldwide. Their initial encounter laid the foundation for a profound bond of friendship, grounded in mutual respect and a shared love for guitars, infusing both with a relentless desire to create the best tools for great music.

Fabrizio Paoletti’s meticulous pursuit of excellence begins with the accurate selection of environment and tradition-aware top-quality raw materials, and extends deep into the care taken in building and assembling all components for their unique pieces in-house, with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. This aims to establish a deep connection with their customers, perfectly matching their technical and aesthetic needs and preferences.

John Cruz, a luminary with nearly four decades of custom shop expertise, has delicately etched his signature on instruments graced by the hands of icons like Bono from U2, Carlos Santana, Slash and Duff McKagan from Guns ‘n’ Roses, John Mayer, Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora, and many more. His works are iconic masterpieces appreciated worldwide, each with a unique character, the result of a careful and meticulous approach aimed at providing customers with an instrument enhancing their artistic expression and personality at their full extent.

When John decided to embark on his own entrepreneurial journey, both he and Fabrizio realized an unprecedented opportunity layed ahead – to explore what more could be done to serve musicians with uncompromising quality and craft an instrument unlike any other.

The organic progression of kindred paths necessitated a distinctive project between Master Builders – a 20 pieces series co-signed and made by John Cruz and Fabrizio Paoletti – two Master Builders fueled by common inspiration inherent in the custom shop world, now ready to venture into the next phase.

At the heart of this visionary partnership lies an Alfa Loft model – top rated of Paoletti’s catalog – carved from selected reclaimed chestnut wood from the soul of ancient wine barrels, as per Paoletti Guitars trademark. Adorned with Paoletti’s signature brass hardware and three ‘60s single coil walnut pickups, the guitar traveled across the ocean to hand over the reins to John, who finely worked on the body finish – of a refined Paoletti cream color plus sunburst – and especially on the Canadian roasted maple neck. His unmistakable relic being just as gentle as to enhance the artists’ touch and the story yet to be told by their fingers and musical journey.

This fusion of Italian heritage and American craftsmanship announce the next level of musical exploration. As the strings resonate with the harmonious union of tradition and innovation, each note becomes a testament to the creativity and spirit of two Master Builders – John Cruz and Fabrizio Paoletti – united in their quest for sonic excellence.