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Our Worldwide spirit – Xie Lang

4 August 2021
Our Worldwide spirit – Xie Lang

Quick interview! Hi Xie, tell us more about you!

Xie Lang: Musician, songwriter, jazz guitarist, member of World Chinese Musicians Association, member of Jazz Society of Chinese Musicians Association. In 2021, he obtained a master’s degree from top jazz institutions such as Suny-Purchase in New York, New York University, Temple University in Philadelphia, UTA in Texas and other top jazz institutions with scholarship. He studied under performers Liang Ying and Lu Yan. From 2021, I began to study with the world’s top guitar masters Gilad Hekselman and Peter Bernstein. In 2016, I went to Berklee College of Music in the United States to study jazz guitar performance program. During this period, I studied with American jazz guitar master Tim Miller and played on the same stage. On behalf of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, I exchanged and performed with The French Knights of the Order of The Guangguo Band, the American Salman Band and the President of Universal Music. And with top jazz musicians from around the world Tim Miller, Gary Hobbs, Jeremy Sisking, Damian Erskine, Jeremy Allen, Phil Grenadier, Florian Weber, Alexander Dawo, Lsrael Varela Florian Weber, Zhang Ke, Huang Jianyi, Xu Zhizong, Tian Tian, Zhang Daimi, Lu Yan, Liang Ying, were invited to perform in the 5th Shanghai International Jazz Symposium and Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Jazz Festival. In 2018, I joined the national tour plan of the jazz label JZ Music. In 2020, I formed the personal project Deja Vu Experiment as the captain/composer/arranger/guitarist, and won the champion of the 2020 JZ Music Jazz Master Competition. My original works were highly recognized by the judges. And invited to attend the 2021 Shanghai International Jazz Festival.

Session Credits: Tizzy.T, Zhang Jie, JIHU, Chen Xuening, MIA, DEN, Qin Tomatou, Wei Enjia.

Hear him checking out a Paoletti Nancy Loft Heavy Black