Encouraging Passion

Encouraging Passion

18 December 2023
Encouraging Passion

Music can empower, nourish your soul and even allow a living. We believe in its potential for change – in disadvantaged conditions, it can make a difference!

A few months ago we started local and donated some guitars to Sant’Anna Parish after-school activities for children and young adults in the town of Prato, Tuscany. Father Marco is nearby and will keep us up with the kids’ improvements!

Then we decided to go beyond our district and do something meaningful for a partner-town of Prato too! So we went to Scampia-Naples and met Father Eraldo, who gathers a Community of several dozens children in difficult social situations.

We deeply hope the guitars we donated them will comfort these kids and contribute enabling a better future for them and their families.

Today we have been informed that our deed actually got something special happen in Scampia!

Kids at Father Eraldo’s Parish after-school have developed commitment to study and be socially aware and active.

They have written a song with passion and enthusiasm, and are now eager to share it and launch their first ambitious project – collecting funds to start building a guitar amplifier all by themselves.

Hear out their message:

Dear friends,
We’ve finally come up with a new unreleased song that we are happy to share with you: “Beatitudes”.

Composed over a two-day session at Abbazia del Goleto, a mystic abbey in Campania, this song owes its existence to the friendship between Alberto Santamaria and Eraldo Cacchione, SJ and to the generosity of excellent young musicians from the HKB of Bern, students of the Master in Jazz: João Pedro Arrobas Rodrigues, Eddy Sonnenschein, Nil Flückiger and Adham Zidane.

“Beatitudes” is a statement: “blessed you are, the poor.” The purpose of this song is to raise money for love. For the love of two little ones from the Roma camp in Scampia, two very young people who are learning music and want to build their own amplifiers. Thanks to your donations we will collect what is needed to bring this dream to fruition.
Buying this song will help Mimi and Papi fund the building of their first guitar amp.

Do let all your friends know about this important musical and charitable initiative. We thank you, and wish you happy listening to “Beatitudes”.

You can buy the song on Bandcamp, donating 5 euros or more for a high-quality 24-bit WAV audio file: