Chib Challenge,we are on it!

Chib Challenge,we are on it!

23 November 2022
Chib Challenge,we are on it!

When a Man with a guitar factory meets a Man with a keen sense of humor, the Man with the factory is a dead Man. That was a citation from an old western movie, more or less.

But if the factory is Paoletti Guitars and the Man with keen sense of humor wants to challenge it, Paoletti can’t say NO!

Inspired by a post on the Official Chibson Instagram page, we accepted the challenge. Realizing two unique pieces, and pieces is the fittest word, and fittest is a more fitting word than pieces, that’s mind blowing.

The post on Chibson Instagram page.

We are glad to present you the Warlocking Electric Guitars for the Chib Challenge. (Epic flames and metal music in background).

Ladies and Gentleman, we are probably breaking two guinnes world record at the same time. We did the easiest puzzle in the world and probably the most expensive in terms of making of. Nice! Is it not sounding too bad, isn’t it?

Chibson Instagram page is full of brilliant humor and inspirational ideas, and if you are a guitar lover, it’s probably better to follow them. We are really happy for this collaboration and we hope to win the challenge, awaiting some news from their “Palace”…

Stay tuned, as ours guitars. (Badum tss)