Chestnut voice with Piezo - The 850.

29 September 2020
Chestnut voice with Piezo - The 850.

Here’s a Paoletti Lounge Series ‘’850’’ and from today you can get it from our dealers all over the world. The guitar presents a semi-hollow body with active Piezo system inside the bridge saddles side and it’s powered by a 9V battery on the beack and a single-coil pick up on board of our brass bridge.

3 Shotgun shell knobs works as follow:
-on the top: set the general pickup volume.
-on the middle: set the master tone
-on the bottom: thanks to the Piezo system you can set the volume to get an acoustic sound coming out the reclaimed chestnut body.

Acoustic phosphor bronze round wound strings.
The headstock has been designed with a reverse style to balance the resonance and vibrations of the low side strings.

Paoletti Guitars are handcrafted in Italy, out of 150-year-old chestnut wood from Wine barrels.
Experience the vintage tone on a brand new guitar.