TOMO FUJITA - Paoletti Guitars


3 December 2021

Nancy Loft SH – 04/30 Heavy Blue

What makes a Paoletti guitar unique is the careful selection and use of aged chestnut woods, preserved and reclaimed from our 130+ year old wine barrels. The vibrations that a chestnut body generates is one of a kind in frequency, harmony, and offers tonal sustain across the full harmonic spectrum.

Here is a Paoletti Nancy Loft SH – Heavy Blue designed for Tomo Fujita, equipped with Roasted Maple, Tremolo Bridge and Paoletti OEM hardware. Tomo Fujita is a professional musician and a guitar professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been teaching at Berklee for twenty-seven years.

“I have been impressed about their company, it is a very big building, just one floor for testing guitars, I’d love to go there some day!” – Tomo

“ arrived all the way from Italy still tuned to perfection..” – Tomo

Paoletti Pickups are handmade and manufactured 100% in house. Wired to the guitars electronics with a 22 AWG tinned cloth wire. Each pickup is coated with a wax layer to maintain integrity and to protect from any external interference. And best of all, they’re built to last!

On board of this model , Paoletti Pickups:
– Nancy Single Coil 7.5KOhm
– Paoletti Humbucker RockII 7.8 KOhm.

CRL switch and CTS pots with coil split on the tone knob, ensure an accurate selection of your desired tone.