Welcome Sergey Tabachnikov

Welcome Sergey Tabachnikov

21 April 2022
Welcome Sergey Tabachnikov

Sergey Tabachnikov guitarist and former of nobody.one.

Music of nobody.one has its recipe in the perfect blend of Queen’s harmony, Metallica’s ruthlessness, and Black Sabbath’s witchcraft. People call it “soundtrack for life” meaning this instrumental music takes you through a journey each time you hear it with no excuses, especially during live shows.

Story begins in 2002, when fifteen–year-old Russian guitarist Sergey Tabachnikov figured out that no vocal makes no problems and wrote his first instrumental song ‘JB’. Later in 2010 this track released on a debut album “Head Movies”. Unbelievable, but this song is still the most popular according to stream counts and crowd reaction at the concerts.

While most instrumental artists trying to impress the audience with technical tricks, nobody.one makes people empathize by melodies and frankness. Audience always thankful and compares live shows to church visits where you’ll find peace after intense experiences.

For now, nobody.one did more than 700 successful shows in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and China. Released six studio albums streamed worldwide. Endorsed by major musical gear companies as Paoletti Guitars, D’Addario, Yamaha, Steinberg, Boss, Seymour Duncan, Pearl, Evans, Pro Mark, Amedia, Schecter and others.

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