Paoletti Guitars’ New Era has begun

Paoletti Guitars’ New Era has begun

25 January 2024
Paoletti Guitars’ New Era has begun

January 25th 2024 – Anaheim, California

2024 has big news!

After celebrating Paoletti Guitars’ first 15 years of activity with you, we have been counting hours to uncover our big project for 2024.

Now that the NAMM Show has started we are delighted to unravel at last what we have been working on!

Booth 5314 visitors will have the opportunity to witness the preview introduction of the very first guitar of Paoletti Guitars’ New Era.

Guided by the owner and founder, Mr Fabrizio Paoletti, our dedicated team has embarked on a transformative journey, redefining the very essence of Paoletti Guitars’ creations’ identity. We aimed to restyle your favorite guitars to let them stand out more than ever before and clearly attest Paoletti Guitars’ seal − looking forward to efficiency and innovation to please the ever-changing tastes and technical specifications of the most demanding artists in the world of music, while staying true to our beliefs and heritage.

The evolution of this concept starts from the top with a bold new curvature for the 6-in-line Paoletti Guitars headstocks.

This challenge we eagerly accepted was inspired − like many of our lines − by the dynamism of Italian historic automotive.

Thus, drivin’ this revolution is Alfa.

As the team’s imagination took flight, we meticulously crafted a new identity, becoming testament to our commitment to evolution. This is the story of a metamorphosis, where our guitars transcend their past to embrace a future of extraordinary possibilities.

The alpha – only spelled the Italian way – of our journey as guitar master builders – Alfa is not just the heir, but a deliberate progression beyond the Stratospheric, starting a New Era for Paoletti Guitars creativity.

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January 2024