Paoletti Guitars makes a gift to Earth. - Paoletti Guitars

Paoletti Guitars makes a gift to Earth.

11 November 2022
Paoletti Guitars makes a gift to Earth.

Paoletti Guitar is a carbon neutral company in 2022. “Carbon Neutral Company” means that the emissions generated by our company in 2022 have been reported and compensated through a internationally recognised carbon offset project.

In particular, the accounted emissions include all direct emissions (Scope 1), purchased energy (Scope 2) and a portion of indirect emissions from the supply chain (Scope 3), such as business travel and employee commuting, while the products (purchased goods and services such as raw materials) were not included.
Together with ClimatePartner we have calculated and compensated our CO2 emissions for 2022 through a carbon offset project from the ClimatePartner portfolio which supports wind farms in North East Brazil to provide renewable electricity to the power grid. Our awarded ClimatePartner label includes a
unique ID tracking number that helps you to understand how and where our carbon emissions have been offset. Find out more about our supported wind energy project by clicking on our label at the bottom of this page or here.
Moving forward, our goal is to reduce our emissions where we can: for example, by purchasing green electricity, improving our energy efficiency, and using low-carbon materials.