Exotic Ebony – Premium Option for your neck.

Exotic Ebony – Premium Option for your neck.

12 January 2023
Exotic Ebony – Premium Option for your neck.

West African Ebony has been a standard fingerboard wood for factory guitars in Europe and America. It is often preferred because it is easier to plane and is more stable than other Ebonies.

African ebony is one of the most valuable woods for building musical instruments. This dense, dark and durable wood is essential for making fingerboards of guitars and violins, piano keys and other components of musical instruments.

Ebony’s unique black colour is interlaced with Brown and yellow streaks, giving this wood a spectacular figure.
It has a fine and even texture with very high natural luster. It is rarely pure-black, which is now largely accepted in the marketplace. Its grain is usually straight.

All our Ebony comes from Crelicam, only from responsible ebony trade projects and verified suppliers with common values like: legality, sustainability and transparency.

This wood, is now a premium option for your fretboard on the next Paoletti Custom shop you would love to order. Just request for it at the time of customizing.