A NEW SIGNATURE FOR JK - Paoletti Guitars


13 October 2022

A new signature model has been released by Paoletti Guitars. The artist… John Konesky!

As every Paoletti Guitar, this model is handcrafted with our philosophy and a mix of the art from JK, featuring Paoletti pickups and a leather embed pickguard.


“In my younger years as a guitarist I’d always dreamt about what my signature guitar might look and sound like. Eventually, as I became a professional guitarist, those dreams gave way to prioritizing whichever instruments served the job best, and it became much less about endorsements or flash. My work with Tenacious D now spans nearly 20 years of touring, 3 studio albums, a live album, and an 11 minute Jazz improvisation, and there are many different sounds and styles spread across that body of work. When I perform live I’m not able to bring a lot of gear so I need it all to count!

When Paoletti approached me about building a custom guitar I was very enthused about working with them on finding the right combination of sound and aesthetics for what could become my first signature model!
We started with a production model they currently offer and added some personal touches unique to me, such as “kone” inlays, olive drab, and a subtle leather pickguard. The pickups are arguably the most important part of any electric guitar, and I love that they wind their own in-house. When I first plugged the guitar in it was very clear that they’re experts in not only guitar construction but also the manufacture of pickups. The dynamic range in these guitars is totally inspiring and provides more than enough sonic colors for me to play with. On top of that, the set-up and build quality is top notch, and feels every bit like the custom built boutique instrument that it is. It’s nuanced and unique and truly a joy to play. Great instruments should always inspire, and this guitar has absolutely succeeded in doing so for me! I’m proud to call this guitar my first signature model, and proud to have my name on it alongside such a skilled guitar builder. ” – J.Konesky