Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Collection

Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Collection

27 December 2023
Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Collection

This guitar was gifted to Mark Knopfler in 2012 by Fabrizio Paoletti. Knopfler kept the guitar in his study for home use and now we are so honored to see it again in action, as this iconic instrument was awarded for over 37,000 pounds last January 31st!

We are incredibly proud to have stood alongside 119 other valuable items from Mark’s collection, in the charity auction he supported.

Check out the Charity Auction website!

Mark Knopfler has planned to donate no less than 25% of the total hammer price received, to be split equally between the British Red Cross Society, Brave Hearts of the North East and the Charity Tusk Trust Limited.

It’s time to take some of these treasured six-string companions out of their cases and leave them in the care of Christie’s to allow them to have new adventures with new owners. You can be sure I’ll be sad to see them go but we’ve had wonderful times together and I can’t play them all. To you fellow players, enthusiasts and collectors, I wish you many good times with these old friends of mine.

Mark Knopfler