Wood Essences & Paoletti Guitars’ neck wood

Wood Essences & Paoletti Guitars’ neck wood

28 March 2024
Wood Essences & Paoletti Guitars’ neck wood

Paoletti’s Guitars and Basses feature meticulously crafted bodies made from reclaimed chestnut wood, serving as the heart and soul of each instrument, delivering the distinctive, authentic Paoletti sound.

Our chestnut wood is sourced with precision from various regions across Italy, salvaged from retired wine barrels, each with its own unique story. Explore this exceptional material for your custom, hand-made guitar.

Renowned for its exceptional qualities, chestnut wood offers unparalleled sustain, vibrant vibrations, and an expansive harmonic range. From the lowest to the highest frequencies, its harmonics resonate powerfully, enhanced further by your choice of neck configuration, allowing for a tailored sound experience.

Driven by an unyielding commitment to tone excellence, we continuously refine our understanding of instrument craftsmanship, empowering our customers with a myriad of customization options to suit their musical preferences.


At Paoletti Guitars, we take great pride in the meticulous roasting process applied to all our guitar necks, each carefully crafted from durable hard maple.

When a neck undergoes roasting in our specialized oven, it undergoes a remarkable transformation. Not only does it become significantly more stable and lightweight, but it also develops a beautifully aged caramel hue. This enhanced stability is particularly noteworthy—the necks exhibit exceptional resistance to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Moreover, the resulting tone boasts a rich array of harmonics, complementing perfectly the reclaimed chestnut body of our instruments.

Maple Tone Meter


During the roasting process, water, sugars, and resins are gently cooked off, leaving behind the essential components of cellulose and lignum. Lignum, in particular, acts as the binding agent that holds the cellulosic fibers together. Through this curing process, the stability of the wood is greatly enhanced, with lignum distributed evenly and consistently throughout the piece.

What sets our roasting method apart is that the characteristic caramel color is achieved naturally, without the need for stains or harmful chemicals. This ensures that the stiffness, strength, and integrity of the wood are preserved to the highest standard. Furthermore, the microstructure of the wood closely resembles that of naturally aged woods, delivering exceptional tonal qualities without compromising on safety—no hazardous chemicals are used in our process.


Renowned for its sleek texture, swift playability, and vibrant resonance, Ebony stands as a testament to excellence in tonewood. Its enduring hardness has solidified its status as a top choice for fingerboards across generations. Today, Ebony showcases a captivating blend of deep black hues intertwined with subtle accents of light brown or gray streaks, as well as dark mineral spots, forming a visually stunning composition in case of the Exotic Ebony. Revered by instrument makers worldwide, its timeless allure remains unmatched.

Ebony Tone Meter


Hailing from the rich forests of Brazil, Pau Ferro emerges as a distinguished tonewood, boasting a velvety smoothness akin to rosewood yet distinct in its own right. Renowned for its lighter complexion and exceptional hardness, Pau Ferro offers sonic characteristics reminiscent of rosewood while introducing its unique tonal nuances. As an esteemed choice for instrument crafting, its elegant presence adds a touch of sophistication to any musical masterpiece.

Pau Ferro (Rosewood) Tone Meter