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Richard Fortus

In an age where musicians are often easily described and defined, Richard Fortus stands apart by blending his depth of musical experience with his enthusiasm for performing. Richard is well known in the music industry for being perfect for both live music and recording situations, and has shown to be incredible versatile while performing and recording with all styles of artists. From TV commercials and show themes to movie soundtracks and video games, Richard has always found a way to bring a perfect sound to all his projects.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Richard got started with music very early by studying Violin at age 4 and drums at age 5. He studied at the Conservatory of the Arts in St. Louis and Southern Illinois University and also played wth various youth symphonies in St. Louis.

In 2001, Richard joined legendary hard rock band Guns N’ Roses and began touring with the band and recording for the bands long awaited “Chinese Democracy” record. The album was released to great anticipation in 2008 and Richard has continued to tour with the band in support of the record. They have played sold out shows on nearly every continent in front of millions upon millions fans.

During his Guns N’ Roses downtime over the last 10 years, Richard has found time to always be performing and recording. From Enrique Iglesias to Rihanna to Thin Lizzy to Nena, he’s played all over the world with a dizzying array of artists. He also recorded for the Repo! The Genetic Opera, Role Models, Monster, and The Fast and the Furious soundtracks. Angela McCluskey, Jesse Malin, Fiona Apple, Tommy Stinson and the Crystal Method are just a few of the artists whose albums Richard had contributed to. In 2011, Richard lived a lifelong dream, joining and performing with the legendary Thin Lizzy.

In 2013, Richard joined The Dead Daisies, a supergroup featuring Jon Stevens (INXS) and David Lowy (Mink). The band opened for ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction and many other top bands in 2013. The bands first headlining tour was in February 2014 in Australia and was a resounding succes, leading to opening gigs in the US for Kiss, among others. Also In 2014, the Face I Love EP was released, Richard’s first studio work with the band.

Currently, Richard is on tour with Guns N’ Roses, and these are his Paoletti Guitars!

Richard Fortus