September 13, 2020

The birth of a Paoletti® Guitar

Italy is the land of good wine, and the use of wooden wine barrels is cyclic and endless.
Our company, since 2005, takes care to visit many vineyards and cellars around Italy,
recovering the chestnut wood wine barrels that have been retired from winemaking.
We make sure it is chestnut, since we have now an experience in working with it and we know how to express the best of its qualities. 

The majority of the wine barrels in central Italy, can be found in Tuscany, the place where the Paoletti Guitars company is located, in the Chianti region, a few miles away from Florence.

Once we found a cellars with barrells, we need to make sure about the stability of each piece, and the ones that are suitable, are about 80 by 70 inches wide.
Able to store up to 2500/3000 liters of wine at a time.

They are all different, they are all one of a kind, like every Paoletti Guitar produced.

Photo: Paoletti Guitars

After recovering the barrells, we give them a new home in our facility, and a team of qualified artisans with Mr.Paoletti himself.

“It is a great emotion to give a new life to this ancient chestnut, is like painting a memory of it, that last forever as a guitar, ready for years of high quality playing” – Paoletti Guitars