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July 25, 2016

Stratospheric Wine custom J.Norum

vectorPaoletti Guitars are once again in the hands of the most important guitar players and masters. Today we are going to show you a very unique guitar that has been made by Mr. Paoletti in person, taking care of all the details and specifications, for one of the most important and talented guitar players!

Filippo from our Staff was at Festival Guitare en Scène in France this summer to deliver the new Paoletti Guitar “Stratospheric Wine custom J.Norum” in the hands of Mr. John Norum himself.

Solo artist & EUROPE founding member and axeman. 
The Stratospheric Wine Custom J.Norum is born!
“In this guitar you have the best of both worlds. Because of the Mahogany neck and Ebony fretboard you get a touch of a Les Paul Custom mixed togheter with the best hot Strat sound ever!The combination of the 150 year old Chestnut wood and the DiMarzio’s FS-1 Single Coils with the modern wiring you get a very unique tone with lots of bite and mids with a tight low end. So check it out, you’re going to love it! /John”

2w1wGuitar Details & Specifications:
♦ Cestnut wood – Paoletti’s Old Wine Barrels

♦ Mahogany Neck
♦ Black Ebony Fretboard
♦ 6105 Frets
♦ 3 DiMarzio Single Coils FS-1
♦ Tone Control : Bridge/Neck
♦ 5 Way selector switch
♦ Gotoh 6 Screws bridge
♦ Vintage Kluson Tuners Chrome Hardware
♦ Vintage white pickguard
♦ Custom ErnieBall Strings (10 13 17 26 38 50)

Paoletti factory has been worthy of consideration in the past, it’s a worldwide well-known brand today and it’s going to be even bigger in the future, with collaborations like that.

More details here: Stratospheric J.Norum
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