October 30, 2019

Rooster & Chris Ameruoso with A.B.S

A.B.S. The first video release ‘Swamp Fly’ by Ameruoso-Banali-Sanchez @christopherameruoso Frankie Banali Sonia Sanchez Song available for download at this link. http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/absameruosobanalisanchez Feel free to share.
A.B.S. Ameruoso, Banali, Sanchez Project is a trio that was formed as a side project.
Christopher Ameruoso known for his Swamp Rock music, cigar box guitar playing approached long time friend Legendary drummer Frankie Banali of ‘Quiet Riot’ fame to join the trio. Frankie’s love for the blues and simple straight ahead rock n roll joined along side Ameruoso and one of the greatest female upright bass players Sonia Sanchez. Sanchez also plays with Ameruoso’s ‘Swamp Rock Music’ band.
Swamp Fly is the first single put out by this trio and is guaranteed to blow you away.
With just 4 strings on his signature series cigar box guitar being sold by Paoletti Guitars Ameruoso performs some ear ripping slide guitar.
Frankie Banali has created some of rock and rolls iconic drum hits including ‘Quiet Riots’ Cum On Feel the Noize & Billy Idols Mony Mony. Banali’s performance in Swamp Fly is just a pounding driving beat.
Sonia Sanchez performs this song on her very popular green upright bass. Sanchez has made a name for herself around the music scene and her style and looks are one of a kind.
A.B.S. will have more releases in the near future.
See if you can catch the ‘Swamp Fly’