July 12, 2019

Q & A with Dino – Franz Ferdinand

11/07/2019 – Florence 

Hey Guys! Are you excited about this tour? How many cities are you visiting?
Always very excited to be touring. Theres been / going to be a few cities we’ve never been to before which is always interesting. We were excited to go to Casablanca… but Casablanca has something of a problem with bad art. Paul came off the worse in a vicious art attack and has unfortunately had to take an early bath from the tour…

We know that Italy is in the list, in which city? And, are you planning to taste some of the Italian foods?
We have quite a few Italian gigs this summer starting tonight in Marostica. We had a wonderful traditional Italian meal in Bassano del Grappa last night which hopefully will be the first of many if we can find similar restaurants…

Since you will be in Italy, any plan to visit the Paoletti Guitars company and taste some wine? Normally I don’t need any excuse to drink wine, but i’m taking the summer off the booze for the good of my constitution! Next time we are in Florence I would love come and toast your wonderful instruments in person!

Do you like the guitars that we made for you? What’s it like playing guitars made from vintage material?
I really can’t thank you enough for the guitar, it’s absolute beautiful! Plays like a dream and sounds amazing. There’s something very, very special about knowing the age and history of the wood… I love the idea of it having two such joyful purposes!

Is the guitar currently on stage with you?
Yes! My Nancy Lounge series tele is currently my main spare on tour! I didn’t want to leave it behind at home… I’ve used it briefly a couple of times on stage so far and its just great!


From the Left ( Julien’s and Dino’s guitars)