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A Band, from the 5th Dimension.

2 July 2021
A Band, from the 5th Dimension.

Today July 7th, is the day.
After months of work, we are ready to deliver a couple of custom guitars to an Italian Band. Gli Atroci.

The Atroci have no CV. The Atrocious never formed. The Atrocious have always existed. Timeless, from the top of the 5th dimension, they decided to descend to Earth to pursue a specific goal. All of this happened so long ago that even The Atrocious themselves are not sure that it happened that way. Their supreme purpose is to convert creation to Metal, eliminating any other type of music. Many are the evil enemies who oppose the Atrocious but their immortal faith in the Metal has led them, over the invincible centuries, to us.

They have overcome the most terrible of tests, such as the advent of songwriters, the era of breakdance, the San Remo Festival, the offensive of the smooth and the great war with techno and rap. Despite all this, nothing and no one has been able to bend them.

The first page carved in stone is represented by the debut CD “Gli Atroci” (1999). As a seal of such immense success, 2004 sees the release of the second CD “L’Armata Del Metallo” which consolidates the faith of the billions of supporters who have now embraced the faith in the One Word. Do not pay for the immense results already obtained, our release in 2009 the third chapter entitled “Metal or Death”. The effort engages all their energies until 2019 when the fourth chapter “Metal Pussy” is published by popular demand from all metalheads in the world.

They are a disturbing reality. The day of the Great Final Victory will come and then no one will listen to pop, folk, country, or techno music anymore. The Mother of all music will dominate unchallenged over the centuries, bringing the world back to the ancient glories of the Iron Age. The Great Rescue has just begun: whoever has faith in Metal will be rewarded generously.


More Specs for these two . . . Coming Soon