January 12, 2017

John Norum reviews Paoletti Guitars®

Stratospheric Custom JN – Paoletti Guitars

John Norum from the band Europe, very proud to introduce you today his new signature guitar by Paoletti Guitars! This guitar 150 years old, chestnut wood comes from old wine barrels stored in Italy for a hundred years.
DiMarzio pickups, FS-1 thick sound, ground sounding, selectable as follow:
The tone controls are connected to Neck and Bridge, a little bit unusual for a strat, and the middle pickup is lowered at the bottom, aligned with the pickguard.

The bridge that John use, is Callaham vintage bridge, but we can also use GOTOH bridges.
The frets are 6105, quite tall but narrow. (They can be personalized with standard frets)

Everyone owns a sound in his mind, that is why we decided to have more shades for the sound changing the fretboard wood.

(suggested for Rock-Hard Rock)

(suggested for Blues)

The back of the neck is Mahogany gives finally a very very unique sound. So, check it out!
You will see 2 Different Paoletti guitars.
(min 2.17) Ebony
(min 4.17) Rosewood

Click on the guitar for the complete product details and write us to get your own Paoletti Today!