January 31, 2020

One of the owners of our Limited Edition #5/10

The Product: “Il giglio” Limited Edition Guitar by Paoletti Guitars

A while ago, we had the honor and the opportunity to recover a really special barrel very close to our location. Just 21 miles away from Florence, there is Vinci land it is known to have been the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.
It is located on the slopes of Montalbano, a hilly massif rich in vineyards and olive groves.

We went to a cellar very close to the birthplace of Da Vinci, and discovered wine barrels that are recognized as part of the property of the Da Vinci family. As you may know, there is also an official wine cellar in Vinci that produces wine using the ancient method discovered by Leonardo.

The symbol of Florence is a lily (Il Giglio), and the city has proudly carried the Giglio of Florence on her coat of arms for almost a thousand years.
The origin of the lily symbol however is even more ancient and can be traced back to the ruling class of the Roman Empire.

We found inspiration in using this symbol as ambassador of our land, and finding a special relation with the golden ratio and divine proportion used by Leonardo in many works of art.


“We are proud to see a piece of history, on stage with a musician,
creating art,  from art.”

Johnny Depp – Los Angeles – 01/18/2020