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  • C.Ameruoso ‘Swamp Rock Music’ – Premiered at NAMM SHOW
January 8, 2019

C.Ameruoso ‘Swamp Rock Music’ – Premiered at NAMM SHOW

We are excited about the release of a signature series guitar ‘Rooster II’ being produced by Paoletti Guitars in Italy. The very first Four String box guitar designed in the company, by Christopher Ameruoso and Paoletti. Or goal was to create something in the middle between a guitar and the classic vintage Cigar Box.

This Rooster will be premiered at the NAMM show this coming January 2019, come and hear it live with full band with professional musicians.

THE EVENT: SATURDAY 26th – 11:50 AM booth #4225 ( Paoletti’s private stage)

UNBOXING & TEST – C.Ameruoso ‘Swamp Rock Music’

Un-Boxing of my signature series, 4 string Box Guitar 'Rooster II' built by Paoletti Guitars in Italy. We designed this guitar together. It truly is an amazing little guitar. This will be premiering this month at the NAMM music convention. They are in production and for sale worldwide very soon. Check out the video pretty cool. Thank you Mr. Paoletti, Filippo Martini and everyone at Paoletti you guys knocked this one out of the park. Your first 4 string box guitar and I'm proud to have my name on it. www.Paolettiguitars.com

Pubblicato da Christopher Ameruoso su Lunedì 7 gennaio 2019

The rooster will be on sale soon at NAMM SHOW! We are waiting for you there, dont’ miss the occasion to check out the sound of this 4 strings made a signature for Christopher.:
Paoletti Guitars – Booth#4324 – 4225