March 24, 2020

Together fighting the COVID19

We are living during one of the most serious health emergencies ever seen and this is producing consequences in all areas.
Surely the structures that most need support at the moment are hospitals, which every day receive a large number of new patients, both serious and not.

Every contribution is important! Even with small sums, we will be able to provide fundamental support to guarantee, to anyone who comes to the hospital, the necessary care and services.

Now PAOLETTI GUITARS wants to help raise much-needed funds to help local Hospitals and Worldwide organization like WHO , deal with the crisis.

Some of the steps we are taking:

●By purchasing a Paoletti Guitar, you support our donations to hospitals and medical centers. A 10% of your purchase will help us increase the amount we can donate and the supplies needed around the world to battle The COVID19 pandemic.

●The amount you donated today, can be discounted in the future from your next purchase of a Paoletti Guitar or Amplifier.