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November 12, 2019

10 Years Anniversary – M.Solieri

One day, that’s what Mr.Paoletti said during an Interview with Reverb USA.

– You’ve been building these guitars since a long time now: how has your process or style evolved over the last 14 years?

The Wine series has been (and is still today) an innovation—the use of a wood that nobody in the world had ever used on musical instruments.
The first time I came across this idea, I was with Mr. Maurizio Solieri, the main Italian guitarist of Vasco Rossi.

He suggested that I test the sound of chestnut wood on his own Paoletti custom made guitar, and the result was amazing! I started to recover all the barrels that my grandfather has left to my family. I’m talking about 130- to 150-year-old chestnut wood taken from abandoned wine barrels from Tuscany.

Each guitar has a story to tell, and the basic idea here was to let this wood, with all of its marks and characteristics and signs of time, tell that story.
Nowadays, we produce many series in addition to the Wine series, a unique design that stands out among the many existing custom shop guitar brands.

In 2020, something special is coming, the team accepted the challenge in re-creating the first M.Solieri Model, but with the actual Paoletti Guitars hardware and design.. Also improving a very cool aspects for the guitarist! Stay Tuned..The first model will be unveiled in the very first weeks.