October 19, 2017

Paoletti Handwired pickups

“Each pickup is designed to meet a Tonal need of every musician. We build pickups that fit perfectly with Chestnut Resonances, the main wood on my creations” F.P.paoletti fabrizioThe pickup is such a crucial part of the tone-wood translation, From years of modifying and designing we developed:
Paoletti Single Coil strat 60′
( ALNICO 5 Magnets, 42 AWG, output 6.80K & 7.50K )
Paoletti P90 Pickup
( ALNICO 5 Magnets, 42 AWG, output 7.80k to 8.50k )

Paoletti Humbucker Rock II
( ALNICO 5 Magnets, 43 AWG, output 8.1 & 8.8K )

All Paoletti Pickups are lightly double-waxed to help eliminate noises and mic feedback.

They are on board with all our guitars, carefully designed to let the chestnut express all its qualities, which together with the other woods we use on the guitars, can create the tone which distinguishes our products from all the others.