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January 3, 2017

Paoletti Guitars / Nancy wine Test

Like many of the best creations, Paoletti Guitars grew out of a strong understanding of the past and an artist’s active imagination for the future.
Brief pit-stop with a Nancy wine in Japan at the Miyaji store.

More details about PAOLETTI NANCY WINE:
Body: Chestnut Body 130/150 years old
Neck: Mahogany Neck with Ebony Fretboard
Fret:  22 frets/12″ radius
Scale: 648mm scale
Bridge: Gotoh vintage style bridge
Tuner: Gotoh tuners
PG:Brass pickguard
P.U Paoletti TL Set

Pickups are hand-wired in Paoletti Guitars and the offer two different outputs:
NECK: 7,50 Ω
BRIDGE: 6,80 Ω
Hear the sound and enjoy this wine guitar!

代々、高級ワインの製造を生業とする Paoletti(パオレッティ)一族。その末裔にあたるFabrizio Paoletti (ファブリジオ・パオレッティ)がギター製作家として2005年にスタートさせたブランドです。

Thanks to miyaji.co.jp for the video.
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